A family of innovations

Westmark BV builds safeguards for seagoing vessels against unwanted boarding attempts. Since 2003 Westmark developed the following safeguards: the P-Trap® anti-boarding device (lines designed to jam the propeler of an approaching vessel); and a maritime slippery dispergent applied to deck and hull to prevent unwanted boarding.

Innovating is our trade

In 1995, Westmark BV introduced the CABLESAFE® s-shaped safety product to suspend hoses and cables from the workfloor. The product has been adopted in the safety practices of energy, maritime and offshore industries. Westmark has been instrumental in reducing on-the-job related incidents concerning cables and hoses through its development of CABLESAFE®.

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Successful P-Trap® on board MV Treasure from Dockwise

Westmark's engineering team developed a standard applyable P-Trap® system with assistance from existing maritime clients and shipyards as well as class agencies. Westmark has been acknowledged for its capacity to develop quality innovative product designs in-house and in close cooperation with its customers; to reduce risks concerning the health and safety of seafarers.



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